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Green Key Eco-Rating Program rewards hoteliers' eco-friendly efforts.
Sustainability and eco-friendly practices have become increasingly common in homes, as well as travel and business. With higher awareness and "eco-friendly" demand among today's sophisticated travelers, a need arose for green education, resources and official recognition. Enter the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.Click here for more.
Adult stem cell therapy offers guests the latest in human health technology.
Spas, fitness clubs and wellness centers are havens for guests seeking information, guidance and advice on how to live life more fully. With scientists discovering promising new compounds holding the potential to significantly affect health and wellness, these breakthroughs in human health technology are opening new horizons in the field of anti-aging and well-being.Click here.

Consultants & Other Industry Resources

R+R | Tap into Savings
To reduce water use at your property, look to where the most water is consumed. more....

R+R | Technology: On the Web
Resorts tap into social media. more....

R+R | Aquatics Fun For All
Lazy river rides let families play together. more....

R+R | Tennis: On the Rebound
That comes as no surprise to Nancy Hunter, resident manager at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, which has been ranked as a top tennis resort by both Gourmet and Tennis magazines. more....

R+R | Sales and Marketing E-Commerce Strategies
Beat the competition, increase bookings, optimize revenue. more....

R+R | Speaking of Spa: Wellness Trends Embrace Customized Solutions
As more resorts look to introduce, expand, or refine their wellness offerings, one of the rabbits clients ask us, as their consultant, to pull out of our hat is a marketdriven, distinctive wellness solution. more....

R+R | What's New: Offshore and Beachfront Activities
Resorts are always looking for fun activities to attract guests and earn ancillary revenue. Here are some ideas for a fun-filled season on the waterfront. more....